Borderline Allstars Scooter Club


                          Borderline Allstars Club History

                                                      IT'S ALL GOTTA START SOMEWHERE !

     This is Twigs recollection of the comming together of B.A.S.C !    

Year 1979 Southend rally. Rushden Midnight Hour Mods, Twig, Rick Kalla, Little Brian, Paul Cowley, Glenn and Paul More attended this rally and met up with the Market Harborough Black and Whites, a freindship was formed at the rally. The Black and Whites invited the Midnight Hour Mods and some lads from Letchworth, to go over to the Welland Park Hotel, Market Harborough one friday night for a drink. They all went over and started to go there on a regular bassis. Certain members of the Midnight Hour Mods started going out with the Market Harborough girls and so the friendship grew stronger in some cases. They all attended Northern Soul do's like Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca and St Ives alldayer's towards the end of 1979.

Twig and Bruce 1982 Scarborough.


Bill on his beloved Bess 1981 Yarmouth.

Rick and Bruce 1981 Malvern.


1980, the word was out it was going to be Scarborough for the Easter run. Arrangements were made for the Rushden lot to run with the Harborough lot, everyone met at Wellend Park Road at the green, Market Harborough. 30 - 40 scooters left Market Harborough that morning in chaos to meet with the Leicester lot. Twig went with the kit in the car as his Lambretta Series 3 li 150 shot it's bearings ( some things dont change, Italian engineering ). They were spread all over Scarborough in different digs, but to see 3000 scooter's from all over the country in one place was amazing ! Then as history dictates, on the Sunday evening the infamous Scarborough riots started because of the mods, the northern scooterists and of course the police not liking each other much. Certain members of the Black and Whites were arrested including a well known window cleaner Bill Arnold, Rushden Midnight Mods escaped to within an inch of being bitten on the ass from a Police German Shepard !

Newspapper cuttings of the Weymouth rally, picture of the B.A.S.C. rally van and B.A.S.C. members. Left to Right : Copper, Larry Laughton, Tony Norton, Smiggy, Twig, Webby on Vespa P200 and Mick the Mod. 


Looking back the following week, they all pondered over the events at Scarborough. The next rally the Rushden Midnight Hour Mods attended was Great Yarmouth mid 1980, where the Market Harborough Black and Whites joined them in there hotel as they had a bar ! It was at this moment over a few beers a suggestion was made to join the two crews together, but no more was said and done untill late 1980 when they had a meeting at the Peacock Pub in Market Harborough, that was where the name Borderline Allstars Scooter Crew was established. Borderline as there was two counties, Northamptonshire and Leicetershire comming together, Allstars came from Junior Walker and his Allstars ( track playing now - Tune Up ), a Tamla Mowtown group. It was also decided that the crew colours was to be Black and Yellow, Bill Arnold came up with the design for the crash helmets, which was black helmets with yellow stars and Rick Kalla sprayed most of them with his thirteen stars ! The word was out that there was a new crew forming and Kettering and Northampton crews were to join them briefly. Also it was decided there would be four main organisers of this new crew, two from the Black and Whites, they were Bruce Gray and Bill Arnold and from Midnight Hour Mods would be Steven Turiccki (twig) and Rick Kalla.

Here is the 1st original Swaps Badge, can you spot the Lambretta wheel and hub ? It consists of the four areas that made the crew, a Lambretta and the name of the crew.

1981 The badges were designed by a well know signwriter who could not spell ! Teresa Houlet whom was dating Paul Cowley, used him as her model for the Members Patch.

Scarborough was the rally to be at in 1981, so Rushden ran the rally van thank's to Twigs stepdad again. They met up with the Market Harborough lot at Doncaster Services and attended Scarborough, no one was arrested at that rally ! The next rally attended was Yarmouth, buy now the club had a good following. Towards the end of the rally, Bill Arnold arranged for everybody to meet at a certain point where they would say there goodbye's in the traditional way of ridding up and down the seafront, then leave together. There was approximatley 56 Borderline Allstars Crew Members all "starred up" !

When they left Yarmouth the Allstars had been recognised, big clubs now knew about the.......

Borderline Allstars Scooter Crew ! 




1982 first rally was Scarborough, we run a van again and a car for the girls, we had approximately 18 scooters on this rally. We managed to get all the club members in one hotel which was a giggle ! There must of been 8 thousand scooters in Scarborough that year, no trouble anywhere, well no real problems at the rally apart from the usual Lambretta stuff. This was the first outing on my scooter "nothing but heartaches", and it turned a few heads.

Nothing but Heartaches.


After Scotland, which the Allstars did not attend, was Great Yarmouth, again we run a van and a car, there were 25 allstar scoots at this rally. It was a blistering hot weekend weather wise and i also remember the falklands war started. Everyone who attended that rally were up for the "crac" that weekend even the old bill ! No trouble at all.

Twig, Stewie Lawson and Julia at Yarmouth.

Little Brian and Bob Prez asleep in back of van in Yarmouth. Cromed Lambretta sidepanel for a pillow, very posh !

Next from memory i think was Colwin Bay, North Wales. No van for this and the rally was held at Colwin Bay castle, one member of the allstars donated a tent F.O.C. which his boss ( wellingborough based camping shop, nudge nudge, wink wink ) didnt know about ! We all slept inside it together and promtly abandoned it at the castle when we left. Other members of the Allstars went for a walk and found loads of medevil weoponry, as you can imagine there were alot of double edge swords and axes being thrown around, it was a miracle no one got hurt and good fortune that no enemies were around ! Also someone was caught trying to pinch a stags head off the wall ! We left colwin bay very sharpish the next day on our trusty steeds, minus armourment and tent !

Setting up camp at Colwin Bay.

 B.A.S.C on way back from Colwin Bay. 




 Next rally was Morecombe, it was decided we would go up on the tuesday and stop of to see some freinds in Blackburn, one car two scoots left Market Harborough. It started raining very soon after and didnt stop till we got to Blackburn. Bruces Jet 200 broke down on route and was left in someones house in Nuneaton, Bruce travelled on in the car. It took me two days to dry out my parker! Very damp and dismall weekend had, oh the joys of scootering!

Twigs scoot at Morcambe.

Brighton scooter rally ticket.

 Next was Brighton, never attended brighton before, ran a van for this weekender. Little Sammy broke a throttle cable in Bedford, just as the pubs were turning out ! Everyone wanted to fight us, so we chucked his scoot in the back of the van with the words " lets get the f*ck out of here sharpish ". We was all stopped by old bill in Hemel Hempstead and searched, even the van, the words from the old bill was " whats this doing in ere then " i think they were refering to the baseball bats in the van ! After conviscating them, they cautioned us and said " don't let us catch you with those again ", well how could they, they had them now ! We carried onto the heart of London round Trafalgar Square, all the toffs turned there heads to look at us as they emerged from the clubs, what a buzz, brilliant. On to Brighton, we were stopped again on way by more jumped up coppers, bastards, they were out to disrupt that weekend, they really hated us. Great weekend at Brighton, slept in the van saturday night, woke up in morn by a copper banging on the shutter telling us he wanted us out of town, the reply he got, " does your mum know your out " didnt go down well and he promptly let us know his enthusiasm to arrest us! We left Brighton with the Leicester lot and ran back with them.

Here is evidence that Mods and Bikers really didn't get on, Its almost like reading the script of Quadrophenia !




Next was the first Isle of Wight rally, we arranged to meet everybody at Oxford services. Rushden lot were there first with 8 scoots, Market Harborough turned up next with 6 scoots then we waited for the Leicester lot to turn up. We looked and saw thirty motorbikes comming down the road, quickly looking around for weapons, we noticed running with the motorbikes were the leicester lot ! Later we found out the bikers were the Leicester Rateye Motorcycle Club, the scooter club had run all the way down with them ! These two clubs had history and mutual respect for each other following a " dust up " in Leicester one time, the outcome being a truce, as the story goes ! Onto the Isle of Wight we went for an absolute cracking 5 days or so.




Setting up tents at I.O.W. Rally.

Allstars and Leicester lot getting ready for the pub. 

  Two more rallys followed, one was Skegness which back then was a local rally so we all went, 30 scoots approx nothing untoward happend quite calm. Last rally was Whitley Bay, we only took a van this weekend as it was the last rally, good job as everyone was scrapping that weekend, we were quite pissed and the locals were quite pissed off to say the least and I suspect car windscreen sales went up that weekend !

Mick and Bruce on the A1 going to Whitley Bay.

Allstars with a trusty Mk1 Transit returning from Whitley Bay.

1983allstars attend no 1's meeting up north in the van to decide what rallys we were attending this year, after the meeting a big do was held were webby from the allstars decided to do his impression of "Jimmy" and started diving off the a balcony to the amuzement of the onlooking crowd, needless to say everyone joined in the fun, this is were some of them found out who there mates were when they did not catch them ! Left early as started to get nasty.

1st run of the season to morcomb, my scoot for this year wasn't ready so i drove the rally van, off we trotted to mk to meet with the rest of the club, not a bad turn out with 8 scooters and one scooter and sidecar which was a worry if it broke down, how were we to fir into rally van? All was going so well untill just outside matlock stopped by the old bill and seached, where you off to the lads was the question !  morcambe we said , "on them goodluck !"  said the copper and off we trooted smiling, at this point this is were webby said his famous saying " are we going through matlock ?"  "because there fucking hard in matlock " pissing ourselves we made off on up to morcambe. Just outside morcambe mick the mod fills up with petrol, got seached again by the police with nothing found, park up in scooter park and found some bb's and went on the piss. found a pub and was made welcome by the manager so we were in there all weekend and even had a lockin on the sunday night , monday we all met at the van and mick the mod checked his scooter to find his petrol had all syphoned into his exhauste, kicks the scoot over and neet fuel is leaking from tail pipe, how it never blew up we shall never know, and he made it all the way home. Got split up from scooters in manchester on way home and didnt see them again untill matlock, good weekend had by all.

Weymouth, 3 scoots from mk met up with the rushden lot, my scoot was still not ready so chucked 3 scoots in the back of the van as the weather was bad on down to weymouth, stopped 20 mile outside w to get some kip. pulled scoots out of van in the morning and of we went into weymouth, lost 2 scoots on way in so it was just webby on his scoot and the van, stopped and seached again and up jumped a news reporter and took our picture in the back of the van. into w found digs and on the piss were we found bruce and carol on bruces new vespa and sidecar, " go's a treat " said bruce. Woke up sunday and met with the lads in the van to find that smiggy had had a right good hidding the night before, not sure by who or why this happened. wondered around all day and on for a few beers at night. went to the all nighter but could not get in, back to b and b where we were attacked by a scooter club called the corsairs from london, they gave us a right good hiding, put bruce and me in hospital for some reason only known to them ! stitched us up in hospital and let us go the next day. made our way home with aches and pains. shit weekend !

Great yarmouth and everyone was looking forward to this one, scoot was ready but noone to drive the van, no hassle on route to y from the old bill, about 20 allstar scoots attended, great turnout. 15 of us went for a pint in the longbar sat dinner time and guess who walked in ? The corsairs looking for us again this time though they got as good as they gave, it was a right mess, we was lucky we never got arrested with only 1 broken arm suffered by "dunk wills" we got away without being caught, didn,t see them again all weekend or the rest of the year ! Left monday morning scooters breaking down all the way home the van was full, started to think to myself was it worth attending the scooter rally's with the nasty people that were attending the rally's now? decided to run to the end of the year then rethink.

next was scotland, decided we would make a week of it, i went over to mk monday night and set of tuesday morning and go to the york scooter club meet, 3 scoots left harborough, lost 2 in leicester but the van was still with me. off we went towards the a1 out of leicester with some hassle of a lad on a 200cc motorbike so i chassed him the van clocked me a 75mph with the lad on the mb shitting himself as i was still with him, then the bastard nipped up on me so i had to slow down, met up with the rest of the scoots at doncaster serv with a nice ride up to york, got into a york and found the pub where the meet was and waited for the pub to open. was made more than welcome by the york scooter club and the freindship still remains great today ! weds set of up north scoot playing up chucked it in the van and continued till we reached the boarder were low and behold there was a pub. holed up for the night luvly jubly ! thurs realised prob with scoot was piston shot so back in the van with it and off to dunbar, first scooter club in dunbar that year was basc! so straight in the battle cruiser and worried about the camp sight later. met up with a lad from nuneaton and 2 lads from france whom couldn't speak a word of the queens english not surprisingly thank god for sight language. found a camp sight and got settled ok, webby fell of his scoot in the camp sight and broke his clutch lever so it was decided to take all the scoots in the back of the van on sunday so we could get back home quicker. not a bad rally.

weston super mare arranged to meet mk lot in northampton, me and mick the mod went to the meeting point and sat there for two hours waiting for the van to turn up, no show so of we go to mh bruces sister said they left ages ago so being a bit pissed of we decided to go home. as we came into kettering we heard some horrible noises from my scoot just before it went bang! got recovered home and worried about it the next day went down pub and drowned my sorrows. decided to go in the car later that day. met up with the rest of the crew at weston to find out what happened, it was there fault just a missunderstanding, they then told us they had a running with some blokes on motorbikes wich the basc came out on top, another shit rally for me.

scarborough, 3 scoots left from rushden to meet with the harborough lot, got the usual stop and seach just outside mh, this is gonna be a great rally i thought, all goes well all the way up to newark, met up with three scoots a newark petrol station but they didn't wanna talk to us so of we set up to the humber bridge but they kept buzzing us all night, buy the time we got to the humber bridge i had had enough of it ! so they come passed me again, i went after them, mick the mod passed me and then 2's up was rob price and chalkey's 240 that went passed us all they wanted to speak to us then! bloody hell that 240 did go well, slept the night under the humber bridge then onto scarborough, no a bad rally all things considered.

iow and we all decided to have a week down the iow again. the leicester lot decided they were gonna stop with us the week, all went well all the way down no hassle, got to the port and then van was seached, luckely we didn't have many tools, but what we did have was converscated by the old bill, we all had a good rally, and a great laugh for the week. comming home on the friday and mr jobsworth on the boat would'nt let us on the boat at our timeslott, and made us wait which pissed us off, got off other end still pissed off and ragged the ass of the scoot with mick the mod closely behind, got home in two and a half hours, we were flying. good rally, good week, with good freinds.

southport, never took scoot as was fucked again, went on back of micks scoot too harborough and then in the van, fell asleep and woke up in a car park in manchester, that van was cold, stopped and seached again going into southport by some ugly coppers from liverpool, got some digs miles out of town, none of the pubs would let us in and the ones that would let us in were packed, and the coppers kept nicking people for nothing and it rained and rained, another shit rally.

skegness was the last rally, 3 scoots left from rushden early friday morning all was well untill mick slipped on some diesel in peterborough but he was ok and scoot was ok. got into skeg and found a cafe and had the biggest chip butty i have ever eaten in my life, huge was an understatement ! the rest of the club driffted in later on that day but it was getting harder and harder to get into pubs with big groups. so we all split up and done our own thing. met up sunday morning for the ride home, all was going well untill we reached market deeping where the townies thought it was highly amuzing to try and kick us off our scooters, but then came along the back up van, the doors opened and out jumped the boys from basc, and gave them a good hiding, then all the basc in the van were arrested and charged with fighting. at this point i decided to knock the rallys on the head.

julia marabellas scoot and the rally van outsde pub in york.


basc just reaching the border of scotland.

leicester and basc at iow.

bruce, carol, mick the mod, kerry, webby, duncan and bozz from leicester at iow.

cracking pic of dear old bruce on the beach iow.

basc and leicester on way home from skeggy.

basc off loading rally van back from scarborough.

looking back today 2010, recalling these old times and memories of the basc and some special freinds past and present, i made some strong freindships with people in the scooter scene wich i will allways cherish and feel honerd to have had the chance to to share these memories via the internet to all whom have enjoyed reading my recollections.

dedicated to Bruce grey and Mark rubenza, r.i.p

Live for today, take care twig.



















Young Allstar Paul Mayer in his mums garden, Rushden, picture taken 1981, sitting on Paul Cowley's infamous Purple Paradise a GP150  

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